О компании

Уважаемые клиенты!!!! Просим после отправки заявки на товар, делать контрольный звонок по телефонам указанным на сайте.В связи с настройкой работы сайта, есть вероятность, что не все заказы поступают в работу. Спасибо за понимание. 

Увага!!! Компанія «Квантум Електрик» інформує всіх клієнтів та ділових партнерів про появу на ринку України підробок, які продаються під торговою маркою «Квантум Електрик» . Просимо звертатися до компанії «Квантум Електрик» , наголошуємо - ми приймаємо платежі тільки безготівково на рахунок компанії, видаємо всі гарантійні документи та видаткові. Якщо вам запропонували товар за готівкові кошти, він не сертифікований и гарантії та поверненню не підлягає!!!!!!
Внимание !!! Компания «Квантум Электрик » информирует всех клиентов и деловых партнеров о появлении на рынке Украины подделок , которые продаются под торговой маркой « Квантум Электрик ». Просим обращаться в компанию «Квантум Электрик » , подчеркиваем - мы принимаем платежи только по безналичному расчету на счет компании , выдаем все гарантийные документы и расходные . Если вам предложили товар за наличные средства , он не сертифицирован и гарантии и возврату не подлежит !!!!!!

Корпоративные ценности

Квантум Электрик (ООО «Квантум Электрик», )
– украинская группа компаний, ориентированная на разработку и внедрение энергосберегающих технологий,
преимущественно в сфере теплотехники. Основана в 2008 году.

Компания Квантум Электрик
представляет нано технологии здесь и сейчас,
в Вашем доме, в Вашей деятельности.

Команда специалистов «Квантум Электрик» каждый день творит будущее – экологичное, энергосберегающее, комфортное оборудование согревающее Вашу жизнь.

Плоды изысканий наших ученых совершают подлинный переворот в электротехнике и теплотехнике.
Именно сейчас и именно здесь – в Вашей жизни.

Шагните с нами в новую эпоху!!!

С уважением, Компания Квантум Электрик.

Winter is coming... That is not just a quote from an extraordinarily popular TV-series, but the inescapable truth. It is about time to start considering the way you are going to keep your home warm and cosy.

We have travelled far in time since the ages when the whole cave was somehow warmed with a small fireplace. We've built extremely comfortable homes equipped with satellite TV-s, fancy kitchen technique and climate control systems. Yes, our solicitude has also gone beyond bringing a mammoth by the dinner time, but the comfort we have now is something we would never reject.

It is no secret that maintaining a small and lovely home takes more and more money each year. Most part of this financial burden goes to the heating expenses. The natural resources, particularly – the natural gas so widely used to keep us warm in winter – get more and more expensive every year. The engineers of “Quantum Electric” LTD have accepted the challenge of introducing the newest energy saving technology into our everyday lives. You may not be a sophisticated physicist to grasp the quantum principles of the β-synthesis, put into the device, but you still can appreciate the advantages assured by the “Quantum Electric” company as a patent holder and manufacturer.

The “Quantum Electric” is a warming infrared resonator. Infrared light is known to be a perfectly natural warming agent. Just remember the sunlight on a summer day – the warmth that you feel on your skin is caused by the infrared rays that reach the Earth together with the sunlight. The infrared light is generated by the carbon cord (the safe material similar to the one used in ordinary pencils), which is the heart of the system. No toxic substances are used during the production. But that's not all yet – buying “Quantum Electric” will provide additional benefit to the health of your family, because it doesn't decrease the humidity in the living space as traditional convection radiators do. 

Why is humidity so important? When the air is dry, our lungs and airways make a hard job raising the humidity of the air we breathe in. Thus most people feel the lack of moisture in winter – dry skin, dry hair, sore nose and throat. This is especially important for infants, as their breathing system is not as strong and developed. Being familiar with this problem in Ukraine, “Quantum Electric” has offered an elegant decision, as their heating panels don't warm the air in the room, but they only make warm the surfaces around. This allows not only to avoid the excessive loss of energy, but it also keeps the humidity inside the room on an appropriate level.

You can also forget about the molds and the mildew – the new conditions will be unfavorable for their growth. So no more breathing in the spores of molds. As result – it boosts your immune system provided you and your family catch less viruses this winter. Our customers' feedback on “Quantum Electric” panels proves that it's not only an energy saving heating device but an additional prerequisite for their well-being.

There's one more thing that is much more convenient to do having bought a “Quantum Electric” panel. The work of the heating is totally automatic thanks to the inbuilt temperature sensor, providing the energy saving operation of the device. No need to control it on a regular basis as the boilers and convectors require.


If you consider buying the heating panel “Quantum Electric”, there is no better argument for doing so than to make simple calculations. The formula is simple:

- multiply the area of your house in square meters by 3 – that's how many cubic meters of natural gas you'll have to burn in order to keep it warm every month;

- multiply this volume by the price – and keep in mind, the latter grows every year;

- multiply the previous result by the quantity of months your heating is on.

Impressive, right?


Meanwhile “Quantum Electric” panels use electricity to keep your house warm in winter. You'll need not more than a single the heating panel “Quantum Electric” for every 12-15 square meters of living space. Let's continue the maths:

- divide the area of your house by 12 – that's how many “Quantum Electric” heaters you'll need;

- multiply that number by 8 hours per day – that's how long it should work to provide the comfortable temperature of your dwelling;

- multiply the last number by the number of days you plan to heat your house – let it be the same number as we used in the previous calculation;

- multiply this all by 0,35 kW/hour – that is how much one panel consumes;

- finally, multiply by the price of the kW*h in your particular area.


Now, having compared the two numbers, you can easily see how the price for the “Quantum Electric” looks not only reasonable, but advantageous as well. Visit “Quantum Electric” website to get more details on the work principles and health benefits of the heating panels.

Have you decided yet how to spend the extra money you save this winter?